Guitar Scale Patterns

Man Fights Off Police With Lightsaber… (and other guitar tips)

A friend sent me this crazy news story (it’s completely true) about a guy who went into a Toys’R’Us in Portland, grabbed a lightsaber, and began swinging it at customers.

Presumably, it was a toy.

But the story never really said…

Anyhow, the police showed up and tried to taser the guy.

And get this – he defended himself by knocking the taser wires away with his lightsaber!

You just can’t make this kinda stuff up!

In fact, it reminded me of my friend who adamantly refused to accept the reality of scale patterns being helpful on the guitar.

I’ve talked about him before.

He’s the guy that could play kinda well, but never really knew what he was doing…

Hunting and pecking for the next notes in his guitar solos, “feeling” his way by ear.

Sure, it kinda worked for him, but its a bit like swinging a toy lightsaber…

It just isn’t going to get you that far!

He would have been so much better off today if he’d simply learned a couple basic scale patterns to help with his playing.

Then all his solos could have been anchored off a set of notes that he KNEW were ready for him.

He could have visualized his riffs right out of the patterns, rather than “feeling” whether he needed to go up one fret or two to the next good sounding note.

In short, it would have been like driving a car in an unfamiliar city WITH A NAVIGATOR beside him.

That’s what playing with scale patterns does for you.

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Have I ever mentioned that if you try my course and don’t learn anything, I’ll give you a full refund?

Hmm, well I just thought I’d throw that out there again.

If you’re skeptical this patterns thing can help – then I’ve just taken away all the risk.

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Give it a shot – it will take your playing up a notch.

A BIG notch.

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