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Guitar Scales ARE Patterns!

Some players just dive in and try to learn the fretboard head-on, essentially memorizing each note in the same way you might try to memorize the letters in the alphabet. However, this approach depends on having a good memory, it can take a long time, and some people get so frustrated they give up altogether!

The PATTERNS based approach is a completely different way of looking at the fretboard. Using this method you can quickly eliminate 67% of the memorization required! Even better, learning guitar scale patterns gives your fingers something that they can practice, in order to become very fast and fluid in your playing.

The beauty of this approach is that the lead guitar scales and patterns can be applied all over the fretboard, so once your hands have become familiar with a particular scale pattern, you can very easily transpose it (move it) to wherever you need it.

Talk about a more efficient approach to the guitar!

Guitar Scales Are Vital To Soloing

So you're interested in taking your guitar playing to the next level, and want to learn how to solo or add riffs and embellishments to your playing?

Well, Joe Satriani once said that the solo IS the scale. What he meant by that is, you can't separate the two. Learning your guitar scale patterns is an incredibly important step to becoming a good guitarist.

No matter what instrument you play - from guitar to trombone and everything in between - understanding the scale, where it comes from, and how to apply that in your playing is super important. On guitar, this task is made even easier by recognizing easy patterns that you can use to master your guitar scales all over the neck.

Guitar Scales Allow You To Play:

  • Faster than you previously thought possible
  • More efficiently and precisely than before
  • More confidently - your friends and family will be amazed at the difference!

One of the great things about being familiar with scale patterns is that you have something you can always fall back on if you find yourself in unfamiliar territory during a solo. You'll learn where the 'safe' notes are, and you can use those to your advantage all day long.

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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Multiple Guitar Patterns - Grab it Here ??