Joining our in house affiliate program (managed on the Nanacast platform) has distinct advantages:

  • Get paid on backend purchases
  • Promote our full line of products (including physical offers)
  • Benefit from our continual promotions to our list – you get credit for sales off our list, if you referred them to us in the first place.
  • Industry leading tracking technology, guaranteeing your commissions.

I’ll DOUBLE Your First 2 Commissions!

Here’s my offer to you. Simply make 2 sales of Guitar Scale Patterns, send me your PayPal address, and I will send you a $50 bonus – just over doubling your commissions! Where else can you make nearly $100 for selling two $29.95 lessons?

Why Promote Unlocking I IV V?

Guitar Scale Patterns sells for $27.95, and as an affiliate, you make 60% of that. This works out to around $17.97 per sale, which is a competitive commission even when compared to most of the other complete guitar courses that are available online.

Take for example Learn And Master Guitar, a popular course which costs $249. Standard affiliate commission (at ShareASale) is $29.80 for a sale. Now, which do YOU think is easier to sell, a lesson that costs $29.95 or a course that costs nearly ten times as much!

Personally, I’d take the $10 pay cut in exchange for promoting a product that is in the ‘impulse’ decision category and sells like wildfire.

Excellent For Back End Offers To Your List

Do you have an email list in the guitar niche? Guitar Scale Patterns works extremely well with ‘warm’ traffic from lists. Sample email copy can be supplied upon request, although it is best if you can re-work it to make it personal, so your list recognizes your writing style. Even better, try the lesson and give it an honest review. This can increase your conversions by ten-fold.

I have seen conversion rates on click-throughs from opt-in lists approach 10% and up. Newsletter lists, members lists, or any other opt-in email list that you have collected related to the guitar and music fields, are potential gold mines. Spamming strictly not tolerated, and if you are caught doing this, you will immediately forfeit all pending commissions.

Payment Schedule

In general, we pay commissions by the 15th of the following month. A quick example: you make $500 in commissions in March, so you will be paid by April 15th. Commissions are paid via PayPal.

If you are driving large volumes of traffic and sales, you will find us flexible to work out a payment structure that suits your needs.

Affiliate Application

Please complete the following application form. You will be added to our affiliate newsletter, and given access to our affiliate membership area. You can start promoting immediately, even while your application is being reviewed, and you will receive confirmation from us shortly, by email.

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