I created the Guitar Scale Patterns guitar lesson in response to a trend that I’ve observed in which the majority of beginning and intermediate guitar players don’t properly understand the fretboard.

One person has trouble deciding which scale they should play a particular solo or riff in, in relation to the chords they’re playing.

Another only knows the pentatonic minor scale, and has never heard of the diatonic scales, much less knowing what can be done with those lovely coloring notes.

Yet another person learns guitar purely by memory, never digging deeper and understanding the patterns and repetition that are inherent in the fretboard.

I created this course to help all of these people, and much more. I think you’ll find it not only greatly expands your abilities as a guitar player, but it gives you a completely newer and deeper understanding of the fretboard, to the point that you will be comfortable playing no matter where you hand is at the moment.

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